Virtual Appointment (45mins)

Virtual Appointment (45mins)

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Can't make it in studio? Worried about buying online and need some guidance? Simply take note of your favourite LBB dresses and book a personal virtual appointment online from anywhere in the world. Virtual appointments are conducted via Zoom.

During your appointment we want to get to know you, your style and your wedding plans. We'll chat about your wishlist and vision and provide you with professional advice and guidance. We'll explain the fit, size, fabrics and discuss the option to personalise a design, while helping you to narrow your selection down to just one.  

Now we get that the biggest barrier of shopping online is the "trying on" part, so for your appointment we'll put the dresses on a mannequin so you can see the details upfront, from the tiniest seam to the intricate beading. Should you fall-in-love and say "YES TO THE DRESS" during your appointment, we will then walk you through the ordering process.

So, if you'd like to find your dream dress without leaving home, email to arrange a virtual appointment.